with 11 Delicious Plant-based Recipes

New Year’s Resolutions

It’s that time of the year when many of us think about New Year’s resolutions. What personal goals do we want to achieve? What good practices do we want to continue? What changes do we want to make in our daily habits to improve our lives?

I took advantage of the fresh start January provides. I created my list — and half way through January — I’m still on track. Wohoo…so far so good!

Have you set any New Year’s resolutions for yourself? If not — hey — it’s still January. It’s not too late. …

In 2015, a year or so after I went vegan, my daughter attended the Ivy League Vegan Conference at Cornell. She wasn’t fully vegan, but she was eager to sample the food and report back to me what she discovered.

After the conference, she described a talk she had attended. “Miyoko Schinner makes the most amazing cheese. You would really like her, Mom. She’s from California but if she lived in Boston, I think you’d be best friends.” A week later, a Valentine’s Day surprise arrived in the mail. My daughter had sent a gift box of Miyoko’s Creamery cultured…

Matthew Kenney, Renowned Plant-based Chef and Trailblazer,

Defines Success and Shares His Vision for the Future

A number of years ago, my daughter and I dined at Plant, Food and Wine, a restaurant founded by Matthew Kenney, celebrated plant-based chef, educator, and business leader. I was a new vegan and I hadn’t yet experienced much variety outside of the experimentation I’d be doing in my own kitchen.

Among other dishes we sampled that day was Matthew’s signature-dish: Raw Lasagna, layered with heirloom tomatoes, zucchini noodles, macadamia ricotta and pistachio pesto. One bite of the delightful flavors was all it took…

Pursuing Passion: An Interview with Michael Schwarz, Founder of Treeline Cheese

After 25 years working as an Intellectual Property lawyer, Michael Schwarz’ enthusiasm began to wane. He thought to himself “would I want to hire a lawyer who has lost his passion?” At that point, he knew it was time for a career change. So, he set out to combine an intellectual challenge with something he really believed in.


He saw an opportunity in the plant-based cheese space. Armed with a desire to impact the food industry in a positive way, Michael hoped to create…

How We Stop the Origin and Spread of the Next Pandemic

Do you remember the last pre-shelter-in-place social gathering you attended? Mine was my regular Wednesday evening Torah study session back in March.

COVID-19 cases were rising in the Northeast and our group was anxious about being together. Unusual for us, welcome hugs were not free flowing. I felt sadness when it was time to leave; my gut told me we wouldn’t be seeing each other for a while.

I was wrong.

Three months later, our group still meets weekly, thanks to Zoom. While our Rabbi is no longer facilitating…

Diana Goldman

Diana Goldman is a plant-based chef and lifestyle coach who received a B.S. from Cornell University in Nutritional Science and an Ed.M. from Harvard.

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